It’s Hot in Here

20130715 IMG 1366

20130715 IMG 1351

While at Chena Hot Springs we decided to head over to Alaska’s only natural hot spring. It is a sweltering 165 degrees and they have to cool it down so that people can get into the pool without cooking like bacon.

20130715 IMG 1350

It was a beautiful day and dad was the only one brave enough to head all the way in…Ice martini glass and all!!!

20130715 IMG 1335

20130715 IMG 1341

20130715 IMG 1346

He thought it was time to head out after his ice martini glass melted!
20130715 IMG 1349

For mom and I, we were content placing our feet into the near boiling water.

20130715 IMG 1343

As we headed back we saw this guy taking in a cool drink!!!

20130715 IMG 1355

20130715 IMG 1360

He just stood there as we all took our photos and even posed a little. It was pretty amazing – unfortunately I didn’t have my telephoto zoom lens!

If you are ever in Fairbanks, make sure you head out to Chena Hot Springs! You are almost guaranteed to see a moose along the way!!!