Long time No Blog

I am back!!! I know that I have been away from blogging for a few months and I feel terribly guilty. I don’t really have a good excuse other than to say it has been really busy since I’ve been back from deployment and haven’t really felt like writing much. Today though I challenged myself to get all caught up…

April – I ran a shadow version of the Red Bud Classic. It was a great experience and super fun!!!

20130406 IMG 1904 copy
20130406 IMG 1907
IMG 0779

I am really glad we did it together as a unit and it was an amazing experience. So great I decided to organize not 1 but 2 half marathons to be completed before we headed home in June!!!

May – birthdays, mile club challenge and half marathons

May started off with quite a bang as it was my birthday. Being so far off from home it can get very depressing so some of my friends decided to make my day truly special and it was awesome! Decorations, presents, mail, smore’s party and a little operating…what more can a girl ask for!!

IMG 1047IMG 1040IMG 104420130502 IMG 213520130502 IMG 2154

The shadow Go Girl Run Half Marathon – It was truly a pleasure working the folks who organized this race! They send us awesome t-shirts and medals and posted our pictures on their Facebook site as we finished our race! It was so fun and I look forward to running another one of their races! Check them out on Facebook here.

20130510 IMG 2442

Two weeks later I did it again…in a shadow version of the The Boston’s Run to Remember Half Marathon. This race was super special considering all of the craziness that was going on at home and we wanted to show support for Boston. This race had the most participants which makes me so proud of my fellow soldiers! We even got some publicity in the Boston Globe.


And if all of this wasn’t enough…I participated in the a Mile Challenge. It’s a pretty cool as you log on to their website, pick which challenge you would like to complete – we all picked 100 miles for the month of May and log how many miles you walk, run, jog to get up to your goal. The cool thing is after you complete your challenge you get this awesome t-shirt.

IMG 1594

June – HOME!!!!!
We got a little reward for our work…
IMG 1063
20130605 IMG 2610To be a part of this unit is pretty special and so grateful to have earned this combat patch!

20130606 IMG 2615

Traveling back and then finally catching up with family and friends…
IMG 0764IMG 1083IMG 1086IMG 1092IMG 1127
To finally be home…priceless…