After a few days in Athens, we grabbed our things and headed for the island of Santorini.

We got on a early – and I do mean early morning flight. Thank goodness the flight was quick.

As a reward for hopping on the early flight we were able to watch the sunrise as we headed to Oia.

Santorini sunrise

After arriving at our at our hotel, we found out that there had recently been a blackout and our reservation was lost! Oh not a good way to start off!
However, a nearby hotel was able to accommodate us.

Fouad santorini

Our room still wasn’t ready at this hotel since we had arrived on the early flight so we had the chance to explore Oia.

20130825 MG 4718
20130827 MG 5285
20130825 MG 4826

20130827 MG 5174
20130827 MG 5215

Santorini bench
Santorini windmill

20130825 MG 4829

20130828 MG 5299

We stumbled on a little place with an amazing view….

20130827 MG 5173

20130825 MG 4794

20130825 MG 4752
20130825 MG 4767
20130825 MG 4823

20130825 MG 4778

Simple but understated…

And the food…
20130825 MG 4775
Homemade bread

20130825 MG 4784

Baked right inside the restaurant in this ancient Greek oven
20130825 MG 4739

20130825 MG 4745
Grilled octopus – perfectly cooked – not chewy or rubbery
20130825 MG 4750
Oven baked fish with roasted vegetables – you can almost taste the ocean!
20130825 MG 4811
Of course the hubby cannot end a meal without his favorite dessert – chocolate soufflé! To die for…I might have a bite or two!!!

20130825 MG 4822
Delicious Santorini sweet wine digestif

Floga owner

The owner and chef were so amazing – the chef was a little shy. But these two have plenty to smile about as the food, service and ambience was spot on!
20130825 MG 4803

When you go to Santorini, check out Floga restaurant.
Floga santorini
With our bellies full we headed back and to enjoy more of this…

20130830 MG 5402

This is the life…