Stockholm, Sweden

On our way back we got to briefly check out Stockholm, Sweden!  Thank goodness for long layovers!

We hopped on the Arlanda Express and in 20 minutes we were downtown.


You know what I say…you never know a city until you get on the public transportation!
The ride into the city center was so smooth and quick!  Best part…free wifi on the train!!!  A city after my own heart!
Once we arrived downtown, the station was only a couple of blocks from our hotel.  We quickly checked in and set off exploring.

stockholm-sweden2stockholm-sweden-6stockholm-sweden3stockholm-sweden-4Stockholm weather was incredibly different from Greece…stockholm-sweden-5so we HAD to do a little shopping!  We headed to one of my favorite shops.  Not only did I find the scarf in the photo but I also found this all on SALE!  It was pretty awesome!

Then I spotted this…


Which I heard about from The Londoner and it turns out the designer is Swedish.  How appropriate that I must have this as a souvenir!  Thanks Sweden and Rosie!!

So with our pockets a little lighter, exhausted from shopping and stuffed from Swedish pancakes, we said farewell.

Until next time Stockholm, this visit was just too short!